Here at The Cats Lab, we are not into the hype of just having cool art you can use as your profile picture across all social media that does absolutely nothing for you. We ensure on bringing real-life value to all our holders through the following ways;

  • Instant DAO membership

We believe in the future of NFTs and Web 3.0 which is why we are prepared to invest in similar projects like ours that provide utilities for its holders. Holders of Super Cats NFT get instant access to our DAO and this guarantees you to work closely with our professional alpha callers on what NFTs/projects we should invest in.We plan on HODLing these NFTs for the long term OR we could sell these NFTs for a quick profit and then distribute the profit amongst every holder equally OR we could invest the profits made into another prospective project. The choice is all yours as a DAO member and we ensure that the decision made is in the best interest of all participating members.

  • Stake to Win

  • Stake to Earn


As a supporter you will automatically get access to "BACK IN THE POCKET". 10% of the total funds raised from the sold out will be returned to the pockets of SUPER CATS holders.

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