Our Community Token

What is the MEOW token?

MEOW is a Solana-based token designed to be used throughout The Cats Lab ecosystem for transactions and exchange for real-life value. It will be used across the ecosystem by gamers, artists, developers, and alpha hunters.

Utilities of MEOW

  • Redeem Raffled NFTs
Take for instance you turn out to be the lucky winner of our weekly NFT raffle giveaway. In order to redeem the NFT you won from our reserve, you must possess a certain amount of MEOW token in your wallet which will be used as a redemption fee.
Once this fee is paid, you will immediately receive your NFT at the provided wallet address, and this MEOW redemption fee will be further burnt and taken out of circulation.
  • Play-to-earn Game Currency
The MEOW token will be the in-game currency of our upcoming P2E game. One can also earn MEOW by completing levels, winning tournaments, and team combats. In-game items such as skins, weapons, and powerups can only be purchased with the MEOW token on The Cats Lab marketplace.
  • Gas fee on The Cats Lab Marketplace
The Cats Lab marketplace is designed to help artists showcase their artistic work to a large audience and also gives them a chance for The Cats Lab DAO to invest in them. Listing their NFT collection on our marketplace comes at a low fee that will be paid with the MEOW token.
However, listing, buying, and selling only the Super Cats NFTs and other in-game items are totally free compared to other marketplaces that ask for high percentage fees.