The scientist hasn't always been alone and depressed. He once had a wife he loved so dearly. They both dedicated their lives to studying genetics and animal mutation. They had no kids but they had their pet cats named Drako and Ember. One day, tragedy struck when his beloved wife suddenly passed away. The scientist was grief-stricken and lost in despair.

In order to ease his pain and look for a new companion like his wife, he decided that Drako and Ember were the perfect test subjects for his genetic engineering. Drawing on their strength, tenaciousness, and intelligence, he spliced together the genetic code of different species in a quest to create something extraordinary.

The scientist and his late wife have always had more love for Ember because it was more peaceful and playful, unlike Drako who is always stubborn and has a habit of bringing dead cats and mice into their home. This made the scientist care less for Drako during the lab tests and Drako was always the first lab cat to be experimented on. Therefore, the scientist didn't mind if Drako died from all the crazy genetic mutations he forced on it.

After months of intense research, the scientist achieved success! Super Cats with superhuman strength, agility, and speed evolved from his laboratory. The scientist was quick to reveal his scientific breakthrough to the government. They loved it and instantly funded him with an underground bunker lab where he will work secretly with other scientists to create more Super Cats.

The scientist was free to adopt as many cats as he wanted to make Super Cats that will be trained, weaponized, and used to fight wars. Little did he know that Drako has become conscious of all the pain he has gone through and it had a special power to communicate telepathically with other cats and manipulate them to do what he wants. This power didn't work on Ember for some reasons he didn't understand.

4,444 Super Cats were created after a year of intense lab experiments and training.

Ember and Drako being the first Super Cats were way smarter than others and were heavily involved in making the government's mission a success. Ember and Drako helped trained these cats diligently but Drako had other plans. He wanted to be free from the bunker so as to wreak havoc on all mankind because he was scarred in the process of being a Super Cat all in the name of fighting for mankind... What a joke he thought. He knew he couldn't achieve this plan on his own. He needed his own army of Super Cats.

This was a long-term plan for Drako and he was determined to make it happen. Using his special telepathic powers, he managed to manipulate 2,222 Super Cats to support his evil plan unbeknownst to the scientist, Ember, and everyone else in the bunker.

Embarking upon both heroic adventures as well as battles against evil forces, these brave feline friends must protect each other and fight for what is right - all while trying to uncover the hidden secrets beneath this epic tale of science gone wrong.

To be continued...

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